Monday, April 27, 2009

Twenty Fours Years Ago

This is what we did on this day twenty four years ago...

Happy Anniversary Honey!
(I wore his mother's dress...)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Cuz!!! It just so happend that it's my Brother & Sister-in-law's 18th Anniversary, too!

Ren said...

Happy anniversary, Paula!

smith kaich jones said...

Wow1 You look incredible! And how sweet of you to wear his mother's dress. I can't imagine a better way of starting a good relationship.

:) Debi

Oh! And Congratulations! :)

Paula Scott said...

Thanks! It was my idea to wear her gown. I can't see spending outrageous amounts of money on a gown that gets worn once and it was far more meaningful to me to be able to wear it. They got married during the war (WWII) and everyone had to limit the use of resources, so the gown was done up 'plain' without all the frills and lace. Which is what made it perfect for me. Not a frilly lacy kind of girl!

Leau said...

yeah, happy, happy, you guys don't look any different today! smooches

J Santa Fe said...

TWENTY F O U R years!!

Bravo .... .


bridgette said...

you look gorgeous!

congratulations and happy anniversary!

Nina Baldwin said...

AMAZING!! 24 years! Congratulations, Paula!
...and many mooooore!!!

Hey Harriet said...

A very happy belated anniversary to you and your beloved! :)


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