Monday, April 13, 2009

Shut Up and Ride!! Bragging Rights Included...

It's the motto of many a twin tip skier (the "Shut up and Ride" part)! If you don't know what a twin tip ski is, go here.

Photo credit: Zach Hill

But, really it's all about freestyle skiing and having fun on the mountain. My dear husband, Mark is an avid skier. About a decade ago, he made the switch from straight skis to parabolic skis. From parabolic, he switched to twin tips. As I am passionate to art, he is passionate about skiing. So much that he, along with two other buddies, started up an on-line and retail store dedicated solely to twin tip skis. They named the company Twin Tip Nation. Three years later, they have succeeded like crazy in getting the company up, sponsoring events and getting kids out on the mountain by partnering with ski areas like Angel Fire, Taos and Pajarito by making the day lift passes affordable. It's been a LOT of work for the three of them and Mark is the "old dog" of the three as he is old enough to be their father (sorry honey!).

The development of this company not only includes an on-line site, but also a retail space where the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with really cool spray art (most of which was done by local spray artist, Nick Tramontina). They are only open during the ski season and even then, they are NEVER open on the weekends (gone skiing, of course). The hours are erratic, but their customer's have gotten the hang of it.

Talk about a success story in branding-their logo which is the acronym for the company's name, Twin Tip Nation (TTN) can be seen on many vehicles here in Rio Rancho, throughout the greater Albuquerque area and even out of state! In fact, when I was taking a painting workshop taught here by artist Jesse Reno, one of the workshop participants, Paula Snyder saw that I was associated with TTN and said, "I don't know what that logo means, but I see it everywhere and I want one on my car!". Let me know when you're ready, Paula and we'll get one on your car!

OK, now to the real part of the bragging rights. Even though my husband runs several internet companies, he is not necessarily a "techie". However, he has been motivated to produce his own video because he is a hands on, DIY kinda guy. So, he bought a Mac Pro laptop off of Craig's list that had the iMovie '09 software included. Downloaded video clips that he and his buddy shot. Added photos taken by Zach Hill (and a couple by me). Spent countless hours learning how to use the software and put together a clip that summarizes who they are. The music used (because of copyright issues) is courtesy of a local band. It might not be your kind of music, but it certainly is of those who do the freestyle skiing! To learn more about freestyle skiing, go here and look for the section called "New School".

I hope you do go to the link I am posting here to view the video clip. Mark did an amazing job and can now be considered dangerous in yet another area!!

Click here for the link.


Paula said...

HA! TTN Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I'm sitting in Dion's having some lunch with my friend and co-worker "Paula" (the Paula Porter who lives in Rio Rancho too!) and you know how they call out your name when your order is ready??? You guessed it, another Paula! This is seriously getting kinda scary. Here at the office we've eliminated the confusion since both us Paula's work for the same boss.....she is called Pogo and I'm Trixie. It can get confusing.

Thanks for the link !

I'm ready for my car decal....bring it to the RRAA meeting on May 4th.

How did the Paula Roland day go????

Paula said...

Oooopppssss.....Paula Roland is tomorrow, right?????

I expect a complete and illustrated report!

Paula said...

Great video !!!

Hey Harriet said...

Your hubby is quite a guy! I totally understand why you'd want to brag about him :)


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