Saturday, April 18, 2009

Energy Flow

The Ebb and Flow of Your Energy...Do You Know What it Is?

Shadow shot of what might be a spent purple aster from last fall. Taken at Chaco Canyon, NM.

Energy. That's is what we are. A bi-pedal container of a vast array of energy. There's cellular and molecular energy within us, kinetic energy, static energy, muscular energy, emotional energy, energy from our thoughts and actions. Healing energy. We are in a constant state of energy every single moment we are alive. And, even after we've gone, I believe that our energy transforms into a different state not easily detected by those of us left behind.

It has been said that 60% of what we communicate is non-verbal. Yet, for the most part, we only focus on what is said. In the Speech Communication class I took several centuries ago, the non-verbal part of communication discussed was only within the context of our body language.

But what about the energy we are putting out there in the world? Shouldn't that warrant a good "look see'? Perhaps Communication Theory today now includes this. I admit that my information is rather dated.

What made all this energy thing percolate to the surface for me was in watching the National Geographic Show called, "The Dog Whisperer" with Caesar Millan. It is really interesting to watch how differently dogs behave when the energy from the people within their household changes. Caesar talks to the dog owners at great length how their energy affects their dog's behavior. And, we too, as human beings affect those around us with the energy that we put forth. It doesn't just apply to dog owners!

It seems that we often end up mirroring the energy that is coming from another person; particularly if their energy level exceeds yours! Anger. A pretty strong energy to put out there. Strong because it requires a LOT of energy to maintain it. Same goes for hate. Let me demonstrate (this requires you to actively follow my prompt and I hope that you do). Take your hand a create a very tight fist. Make that fist as hard and tight as you can. Really clench that fist. Hold it for as long as you can. Then, let go of that fist, allowing your fingers to relax into an open position that requires no energy whatsoever. Observe the difference between that clenched fist and the open hand. It took a lot of energy to maintain that clenched fist.

When we hold onto negative emotions, this is what we are doing to our energy. So much of it gets channeled into maintaining that level of emotion. How draining! And, we carry that around with us from day to day, often getting mirrored back to us from those that we come into contact with.

The whole point that I'd like to make here is that it is worth our while to stop and do a self inventory and identify the kind of energy we are putting out there at any given moment in time. This gives you a chance to consciously stop and shift gears. Perhaps from one of angst or anger to one of calm. In doing so, the door becomes open to be in the moment. Something we all talk about doing, but so difficult a thing to achieve!

To see more lovely and diverse shadow shots, stop by Tracy's place at Hey Harriet!


Hey Harriet said...

A very interesting shadow shot! I'm looking forward to returning to read your post when my head is less fuzzy. Today your wonderful words would be completely lost on me in my present state...


Paz said...

That is a very interesting shadow shot indeed. I like the textured look of the photo.


Rosebud Collection said...

Very nice shadow shot..I try and always forgive and there have been times it was very hard..but "hate/anger" are worse than eats you alive and you can't get on with your life. Of course, that is my take on it, but something I always tell my children and try to live by it.
Happy SSS..

Sweet Repose said...

A dog groomer for nearly 30 years, facial expression, touch and breathing also effect an animal. I now am forced to wear a mask because of my lungs, but I notice the dogs react to me differently, they are more weary, not seeing my mouth, but are more focused on touch and my eyes. But this makes them comfortable in a different way, they still feel the gentle touch, the kind energy and are calmed.

Wonderful post and beautiful desert shadow...I love the desert!

Paula Scott said...

Paz: Yes, I really like the contrast of the dead plant, the shadow of it against the cracked, dry earth that once spoke of moisture.

To Sweet Repose: Interesting comment being that you have worked with dogs for 30 years. And we should remember how our energy affects other beings whether they are animals or human, shouldn't we? Your comment is a testimony to that.

Paula said...

breath, relax......aaaahhhhhhh

Any show and tell from the Paula Roland workshop?

bridgette said...

so true. thank you for this post. i really needed to hear it. i've had it saved in my bloglines so i can read it and reread it. it is a message that i am currently trying to get a hold on. so hard to change patterns...
thanks again


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