Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big K, Little k, what begins with k?


Is your mouth puckering yet?


Oh, how often do I feel tied up in this? (figuratively speaking folks, not literal!)


Say that one five times REALLY fast! It's the 'capitol' of the island of Moloka'i. And, yes, this is a fairly recent photo. The appearance of this town hasn't changed much since I was little. And that was a loooong time ago!

The KALAPANA lava flow. Of which I had the privilege to witness and photograph last summer (to see more, go here).

The primal energy is amazing to witness first hand. The event occurs in silence. Silence even from those of us watching it.

Do stop by ABC Wednesday for other postings of the letter "K"! It's always fun to see what others have thought of.


Anna said...

Thanks for such an imaginative post on the letter K. I think that I might have to go and eat one of the kiwis in my fruit bowl now :)

Sylvia K said...

Hey, thanks for the great shots! Very creative and imaginative! Really perfect for today.

Rena said...

Really great shots. Hard to believe that lava flow happens in silence.

photowannabe said...

Kiwis..yum...I love them. Terrific shot and being at the lava flow must have been fascinating.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Paula, you got some really good K:s here. Both interesting and beautiful. Thank you for charing.



Carolina said...

Beautiful photos. It's hard to imagine that the lava flows in silence. That must make it even more impressive to watch.

J said...

a fantastic selection of k's! the lava flow is particularly arresting.

kadermo said...

Interesting information and pictures about Kalapana. It is so interesting to see photos from other parts of our world.

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Love the kiwi pic ( and yes, I'm puckered) .

I would so LOVE for you to come up for tea and scones one day ... . let me know when you feel like a SFe
day and we'll schedule a tea party....

jay said...

Wow ... I love the photo of the lava flow! I'm surprised to hear it's silent. I would expect the people watching to be awestruck, but maybe to hear a roar, or at least a hiss of steam!

And how lovely to hear that your town hasn't changed much since you were a child. Mine has changed out of all recognition.

Hey Harriet said...

I love kiwi fruit. Yummy! Your photo of the Kalapana lava flow is amazing! I've never seen anything like it.

You sure shared an eclectic and super collection of 'K' photos :)

Paula Scott said...

Be sure to click on the link for the other images of the lava flow! If any of you ever get to Hawaii, I hope you get to see the lava flow too. It is amazing.
Isn't it a paradox, Jay that so many home towns change so drastically over a short amount of time all in the name of 'progress'.


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