Saturday, February 14, 2009



That I did always love,

I bring thee proof:

That till I loved

I did not love enough.

That I shall love always,

I offer thee

That love is life,

And life hath immortality.

This, dost thou doubt, sweet?

Then have I

Nothing to show

But Calvary.

-Emily Dickinson

I hold Emily Dickinson in high regard along with her poetry. Her writing is uncompromising and so very well crafted in how she puts together words. A lot of her writing is so totally over my head though; it would take me a lifetime to understand it, if ever.

These are more enchanting images from the White Sands expedition; being there for the sunrise and the sunset is overwhelming beautiful on so many levels! This is from the sunrise series.

The first image are hoof prints of an animal that I have no idea what kind of animal would make these marks in the sand. I thought it looked like a heart with a long tail. The "heart" part of the print is about 2-3 inches across. The second shadow is cast from a lovely indentation in the sand. Both images seem to befit this poem.

Hungry to see more shadow shots? Go visit Tracy's blog at Hey Harriet!


Poutalicious said...

Is it just me, or does that hoof print look like a heart?

Gina said...

really interesting sand the shape of the first one :D

Hey Harriet said...

These are lovely shots in the sand. And the Emily Dickinson poem does compliment them perfectly :)

Carletta said...

These are wonderful!
Emily Dickinson has always been one of my favorites too. This is nice for Valentine weekend.

Terri said...

Fabulous photos. I've had a look around your blog and I'm loving your work. Glad it's out there for us to appreciate!

Rosebud Collection said...

I thought you made a heart in the sand..was so surprised to read it was a hoof print. What wonderful pictures..Happy SSS..

Paz said...

Wonderful shots to go with a wonderful poem.


Sweet Repose said...

I love finding images in nature to reflect our thoughts, simple beauty just waiting to be did good! Love the poem and the desert, was an inspirational quest you had.


Shannon said...

nice capture of SAND shadows... especially LOVE the first one!!!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

What a perfect shadow for valentine's weekend! Beautiful sand shadows....and not "evil" at all! Thanks for the funny comment!

Gallery Juana said...

Very cool photographs. At first, I thought it was snow until I read your post.

PJ said...

I live near beautiful beaches and seeing these scenes with the poem almost made me cry. Just the best! Happy SSS!

Dianne said...

that second shot is amazing

Ackworth born said...

these sand prints appear to be quite erotic and complement Emily's poetry exceptionally well.

robin bird said...

i love that you saw that heart! and with all that beautiful scenery that you were able to look down as well as up :)


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