Friday, February 06, 2009

My Whole World Is Hurt

Time to have some fun!

I've never heard this song before. Never. But, now I've been introduced to it. Somewhat.

It was on the ground on the road between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft. That stop in itself is ANOTHER story! If don't get too addle-brained, I'll do that story later.

I'm thinking that maybe most of you haven't heard this song before? Well, even if you did, you might want to play this game.

The game is to make up some lyrics or speculate on what this song might be about. Leave your story, speculations, etc. in the comment section for this post. Hey, even if you've heard it and know the lyrics, the invite to play is there!

I'm not sure I even know the artist. My guess (by the achey breaky title) that it is Country Western? And now I've given my CW ignorance away!

Make up something fun! Something Ridiculous!

"My whole world is hurt. I can't find my skirt; and don't even smirk! You'll sit with the Turk."

OK, I've made a fool out of myself unabashedly.

Wanna play???

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