Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going Home

You hear them before you see them.

That's how it happened today.

I came out of Bed and Bath and was loading up my purchases in the car. I hear this raucous and honking up above. What's that noise? It was a familiar sound.

Searching the sky above, I finally see them. Cranes. Headed north. Going home. In droves. I must've seen at least several hundred in the time span that I leaned against my car and watched in awe.

Other people in the parking lot coming and going. How can they not notice? Don't they want to stop and watch this miracle of flight up above? I wanted to accost them all and make them watch. But, they were too far away.

I so wanted to share the experience with another human being. To enjoy it alone didn't seem right.

Their wintering is over here. I wonder where they live. What their spring and summer adventures will be before they are back again in November.

All I know for now is, they are going home.


smith kaich jones said...

I laughed & laughed at the vision of you "accosting" people & forcing them to "look up, look UP!". I would've been there with you, soaking it all in in amazement. How wonderful!

:) Debi

J Santa Fe said...

I'm always so thrilled to hear that HonkHonk .. .

Leau said...

I love that sound and it stops me in my tracks. Did you see the sky this evening? And those same people were just going along never looking up! What's up with that? Great image!! smooches

Hey Harriet said...

Some people are completely oblivious to the beauty around them. It's sad. I would love to have shared the experience with you, watching those gorgeous cranes!

Jay said...

We don't have migrating cranes over here, but swans in flight always stop me in my tracks like that.

Just the same as cranes, you hear them before you see them, but they aren't honking, it's their enormous wings cutting through the air that makes the noise - and they ARE noisy! It's awesome.


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