Friday, February 20, 2009

Anime Characters

These are from a photo shoot I did last weekend. To find out more about it (and to see more of these images), visit the Rio Rancho Art Association blog as to the what it was about.

I will say that it involved young ladies dressed as characters from various Anime series.

Mandi striking a pose as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

Here are all three of them, Mandi, Ashley and Amanda dressed (left to right) as Chii, Yaya, and Tifa. Respectively from the series, Chobits, Othello and Final Fantasy VII.

I loved the details on this dress that Mandi put together. Things that are hard and cold against something soft and warm.

I have to admit that when this gun appeared (an unloaded pellet gun), it kinda took my breath away. Should we have this here? Will we get in trouble? You'll need to click on the first link that explains this photo shoot for these concerns to make sense (too long to explain all over again here). That being said, I got over it and stopped worrying and seized the chance to zoom in on the detail of the femininity of Amanda's hand with this piece of weaponry.

The whole event was a tremendous learning experience. Not just from the technical standpoint, but fascinating in the sense that I had no idea that the younger generation was so into this fantasy world! It sure beats sitting around being bored and wondering what to do with your time.

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Rosalind Palmer said...

All the photos are stunning! I love how the three girls look like a renaissance painting - not only are THEY perfect, but also your skills - the lighting, background, everything. I love all of them but the one with the gun really stands out. Perfect framing!


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