Monday, January 05, 2009

Where Are My Crows??

(click on image for a larger view)

(The TWELVTH day of Christmas)

This time last year they were everywhere complete with all their calamity. It has been silent and I wonder where they are. What is causing their delay? Is it because there are still some winter storms to come that they want to avoid?

Perhaps they stopped for extra margaritas on the way up...

Nonetheless, I miss them. Where are my crows?


Leau said...

Yep, they are are on this side of the river, in great gobs, filling my park and entertaining me daily. There is one great big ole guys who tries each and every day to sit on the highest branch of the tallest cedar tree across the street. The limb is flimsy and the guys sways and leans until he has to fly off and try again about 30 times and then gives up and flies off to join his buddies. I imagine that one of them teases him and mocks him for not being able to stay on that branch long and before long, he is back, trying again. Endless entertaining!

smith kaich jones said...

In Texas the crows have been hit hard by the West Nile Virus, as have bluejays. Neither are totally wiped out, but last summer I saw very few of either, after years of seeing tons. Apparently they are moving past the great bird plague, as it were, and breeding & hopefully we'll be seeing more. Possibly it has finally spread west of us & your area is now affected. If Leau is seeing them, hopefully that's not the case.

Jaime said...

GASP....this photograph is BEAUTIFUL!

Oh how I love this!!!



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