Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm calling this shadow shot "Contradictions".


Hmmm....soft curves of a shadow that only exists when the sun is casting light onto the source of the shadow which is a wrought iron table. The soft curves against the hard, angled surface of the block wall which is always there. Dark against light. The shadow and the wall seem to be contradictions of each other on so many levels.

But the real attraction for me as it is in many of the images I capture have to do with texture and patterns from the light and from the surface. But, I think you already know that!

For more Shadow Shot images (from others around the world) go here.


Dianne said...


made me think of the song 'leather and lace'

Julie said...

I really like this shot, the colors are great and it is a calming shot.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

What a pretty shot! The textures in this are amazing!

Sweet Repose said...

How true, the twisting gentle swirls against hard straight lines of the brick, look like ivy trailing up a wall.

Raven said...

Lovely shot! Contradictions seems like a perfect descriptive.

Hey Harriet said...

I love the intricate shadow patterns in this shot and the textures, as you mentioned are wonderful. Your naming of the photo is perfect.

Leau said...

Yep, I like it for all of the reasons you mentioned. Great shot. smooches

PJ said...

I love this lacy shot. They are a contradiction but still perfect together.

Tessa said...

A truly spectacular shadow shot! Bravo!


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