Monday, September 29, 2008

Radiant Leaves

A local gallery (Art Gallery 66) recently had a call for art submissions for their fall theme, "Radiant Leaves".

I was going to submit something for the call, but y'know...I never got "a round tuit"! laid plans, huh?

These were some possible contenders for submission. Any guess on which one I would've chosen?

We are offically in the autumnal equinox. I love this time of year as the temperature of the air is within that oh so perfect range of comfort. Crisp, cool mornings. Warm enough during the day to still wear shorts and flip flops (we call them rubbah slippahs in Hawaii). The light in the morning and especially late afternoon; Debussy-like in it's quality and so very magical. I wish I could linger in this light forever...

This change of season beauty is full of sharp contrasts for me. It is when my eyes and heart are 'widest open'. Open to recieve the beauty, the splendor, the glory of it all and the painful reminder of what no longer is.

It's been eleven years, Em and I still miss you. I always will...


Leau said...

I thought it was about time for the drop of the roses... I love all of the images. Good description of the light.

Laurie said...

I love the colors in the first one! They'd be beautiful as a mixed media or monotype background.

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, I'm for the 2nd one - gold against the cactus. Although they are all pretty wonderful, I'm very taken with that image. And your description of the season.

:) Debi

Paula Scott said...

Laurie, you're spinning the wheels in my noggin' again! Hmmm...
I myself am torn between the first and the second. Which is very appropo since the first image is in Hawaii and the second is here.

bridgette said...

I love the second image. The gold peeking between the green cactus is so unexpected.

now you have me in anticipation with your comment about the Mayan Prophecy...have to go now and investigate.

Paula Scott said...

Mayan Prophecy:

a pretty in depth explanation (if that's possible) of what it is (which is not the end of the world).

robin-bird said...

i am in love with the second one, love captured in the arms of a cactus!
debussey-like..i would love see it. the light there is always beautiful, this time of year i can't even imagine how glorious it must be..
XO warm hug for for your open heart. warm hug for your pain.

Jaime said...

I'm in love with the cactus one as well. Lovely.

I love to read about how other blogging souls connect to Autumn. Your descriptions are so wonderful.
I missed coming here.


Paula Scott said...

Seems like image numero dos is the 'winner'! Interesting since I probably would've chosen numero uno.


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