Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy as a...

BEE. That's what I've been. Busy as a whole bunch of bees! Y'know, I was so thrilled to get this bird water thing in my garden. And the birds just LOVED it. Until the bees came along. Now the birds don't come. I guess they will when it gets too chilly in the air for the bees to fly.

Recap. Got back from the family reunion on July 29th. Within a week of getting back, I hung two art shows and was a participant of a third show. The 8x8x8 show was the BIGGIE for me since I was the one who put it together. It was hectic indeed getting that show hung. Mind you, one of the pieces is 8 FEET by 8 FEET. It was hot and humid and setting up for the reception in those summer temps made me feel wilted! But, we pulled it off and had a great turnout in spite of the torrential rain that night (it poured for an hour and a half!). When it was raining hard, my wonderful hubby took to being the doorman and got himself armed with several umbrellas and helped folks out to their cars so that they wouldn't get too soaked.

So, here are the images from the reception that night(August 8th)!

It felt like showtime when I took the "OPEN" sign out to the sidewalk at 5 p.m.

I don't know which is more exciting. Having your friends show up to see the show or total random strangers showing up for the show. So, a BIG thank you to everyone that showed up! Especially to so many who came in the POURING rain and arrived totally drenched! Thank you...

I wasn't in a state of mind to take pictures that night. Mark managed to take a few. Too much going on! And, I'm so not used to talking so much.

What a night! There is also a tv interview that was aired the night before. Click on this link to see the interview (I really don't like being in front of a camera; I feel much more comfortable BEHIND the camera!). Oh, and then I had about eight days to totally pack up fourteen years worth of stuff in my kitchen. Right now, I don't even have walls and a ceiling in my kitchen as it goes through a transformation over the next eight weeks.

Call me crazy...


bridgette said...

congratulations! wish I could have been there. Looks great.

smith kaich jones said...

Paula - this is WONDERFUL! And you are beautiful! You were terrific in front of the camera. This looks like a great show & I'm so glad it rec'd media attention. (That would NEVER happen here! LOL!)

Congratulations & good luck & hang in there with the renovation!

:) Debi


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