Thursday, July 10, 2008


We have a group in Albuquerque that meets the second Saturday of each month to exchange Art Trading Cards (same concept as baseball cards, but you make your own art on the 2.5" X 3.5" cards). Also known as ATC's.

Although I can't make this month's trade (headed home for a family reunion), I had made some up in hopes of sending them in with someone else to trade for me. I may have to wait until next month to trade these.

The suggested theme for this month was "Sun". I like doing these trades as the themes make me flex my creative muscles. I try not to do a literal intrepretation of the theme.

This was a perfect chance for me to play with sun prints. I hadn't done them before but have had the paper for it sitting around for some time. A very simple yet addicting process.

The curly 'q' stuff are the dried seed heads of a native grass that I have growing in my yard. I have many differnet versions if this image by way of photography and intaglio prints. Now I've added to that with the sun print!

The leaves of the second one are leaves from the forest floor of a woodsy park near my home on Molokai. I used to ride my quarter horse through that park all the time. I had picked them up as they were in various stages of decay. I'll post pictures of that forest after I take some on this trip home (which is where I'm headed now).

So, there you have it, "Sun".


bridgette said...

oooh, i love these sun prints! As i was packing I found a package of sun print papers. I never opened them! This post has made me want to do them asap~ well, until i move and get around to unpacking...

smith kaich jones said...

Paula - when you get the chance, stop by my blog. There's an award waiting for you there!

:) Debi

And PS - These sun prints are very cool. I may have to get a package of these papers.

robin-bird said...

hope you are having a wonderful trip! seeing photos of your woods will be awesome! the sun prints are gorgeous!

laurel said...

That is so cool. One day I may have to try that. I've nominated you for a Brilliante Weblog award because you are an inspiration to me. Thanks!!

Regina said...

Great idea!


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