Friday, July 18, 2008

Roadside Finds and then some

These are some other images from the trip up the mountain to Volcano Village a few days ago. This is in one of the buildings; I liked the colors, textures and patterns (but, of course!).

My fern fascination never ceases. I can see how some Polynesian cultures saw the fern as a symbol of birth. The frond as it is in the beginning stages of unfurling is much like a baby in the womb in a fetal position.

This is the roadside find on the road up to the Volcano National Park. I had to do the "stop the car! I want to go back and take pictures of this!". My poor son has to tolerate this behavior from me where ever we go. Usually without any criticism, but he does wonder why I "need" all these pictures of things that no one would care about.

Interiror of a pipe full of rubbish and this neat thing with holes in it that the light seems to be just right in.

Check out all the added plant passengers on this thing that will probably never move again. I like the spray art addition. Some see it as unwanted graffiti. To me, it's art. The one who did it certainly had a need to express themselves in the visual medium.


Leau said...

oohh, ahhh, love the whatevertheyares by the side of the road. I thought they were cottages with native decoration until I saw them bigger!! Thank John for me for letting you get such great shots!! smooches, leay

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, these are WONDERFUL! Stop the car, indeed!


laurel said...

Wonderful pictures especially the fern one. I love those closeups.


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