Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My home on Molokai

This series of images are more of a potpourri...I arrived here on Molokai on Sat. the 19th, but finding time to edit and post is a challenge! I still have a lot of images from the Big Island trip that need to be posted, but that may have to wait until I get back to New mexico.

This opening shot is the view from my balcony at the condo at Molokai Shores. Pre-sunrise where the sun hasn't popped over the horizon yet. The island you see is Lanai. The curved wall out on the water is a fishpond built by ancient Hawaiians.

Here is a wonderful painting that hangs at the baggage pick up area at Molokai airport.

My grand nephew, Daniel at Dixe Mauru beach on the west end of Molokai.

His father, Andy (my nephew)...Mr. Tattoo himself! He lives in Tacoma, so I thought it was interesting that he connects to the Hawaiian gaurdian shark god (Lono) but the artistic style of his tattoo is Pacific Northwest. It's the tattoo on his left shoulder. My Hawaiian gaurdian spirit that I connect to is the sea turtle, Honu. No, I do not have a tattoo of it on me!

This is the house I grew up in on Molokai. The neighborhood is called Kalae. This is the front of the house. We still own the house, but it is rented out.

The back of the house. It is a rancho style home that was built in the '50s.

A family photo. My siblings and I have not been all in one place at one time since 1978. Wow...30 years ago. I have four brothers and one sister. This photo is only HALF of my family with our respective spouses and children. The rest will come in tomorrow.

A dahlia from our yard in Kalae. My oldest brother, Robert is an avid gardener and flies home to do yard work as his therapy! He buys the bulbs, sends them to me, then I mail them to him since the mail order plant companies do not mail a lot of things to Hawaii. He has a beautiful collection of these.

This one is from my brother's camera; he took my nephew and nieces up to the mountains yesterday to Waikolu look out. The piece of land that juts out in the background is the Kalaupapa peninsula where the leper colony was.


Leau said...

Can I tell you again how glad I am that you are doing this? I love seeing all the places you love and the people you love and how happy you look. Or is that just becasue Mark is finally there? Good job!

Deb said...

How wonderful to find another Hawaiian expat living on the mainland. I've been seeking them out ever since I started blogging:-) Good to see you! And I am going to search far and wide for those Spam light singles!! LOL.

Also, what a great idea to have an art trading card group - I LOVE that. Do you just make one for however many members there are in the group?? Very cool.

Nice to be home, isn't it??

bridgette said...

what a beautiful family and beautiful home you came from. it must be hard to be far from that. or maybe the distance makes it even more special to come home?


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