Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

I think I have started a tradition with myself about posting something specific on July 4th (as I did last year).

I can’t help but reflect on the process that it took for the founders of this country to undergo many years of rebellion on a militant level. Can you imagine living during that era? Let alone making decisions to put together a government with which to run a new country. Really mind boggling when you start to think about all of these details.

All that effort for the sake of freedom. I think freedom is something that is too easy for those who have it to take for granted. I realize that it is within human nature to take things for granted, but I also see the value in reminding ourselves as often as possible to not take so much for granted.

Our freedom is a paradox, really. Look at our dependence and high consumptive rate of fossil fuels. We see freedom as the ability to drive wherever we want whenever we want. But, we have allowed ourselves to become so dependent on one resource which defines for us what we think freedom is. What a shame that we didn’t learn our lesson 30 some odd years ago when we had a jump in gas prices.

But, I’m hopeful that with this go around the stakes have become higher and thus more motivating to find better solutions.

Anyway, I hope your celebration today is everything you could ever hope it to be! We do have much to celebrate in spite of all the gasps of shock at the gas station when filling up!


gogogo said...
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laurel said...

Paula, I agree with you. I've started taking the bus and train to work. Besides the high gas prices my area has been having a drought for a couple years. Some times I wonder what it would be like to not have running water and I'm so thankful that I do and shut it off immediately instead of letting it run. It's hardest when cleaning up the kitchen. We do take modern convienences for granted. Hope you had a blessed 4th.

smith kaich jones said...

Paula - Whenever I read or hear or see anything that brings alive the days of our founding fathers & mothers, I am truly awe-struck by their courage. By the fact that they were willing to put everything they had - lives, property, etc., - absolutely on the line, no ifs, ands or buts, for the sake of freedom. It was collectively, an incredible act of bravery & committment. I'm not sure I have that inside me, although I would like to believe that I do. I DO take freedom for granted, and I'm sure that's what was intended, but I am never complacent about it. I pay atttention to politics, although I refuse to talk about them in my blog (my only real rule there), and I vote.

Happy happy freedom!

robin bird said...

now this is a great 4th of july post! a well informed reminder of all we have to be thankful for that i often forget. i am a spoiled american who doesn't really know what freedom means. not truly. not deeply. i often think of my good fortune in being born in america. i know i was plain lucky. i hope i am a good citizen. i do try to be one. have a greta sunday paula!

Paula Scott said...

If anyone knows how to delete the adult movie site comment left by gogogo, please let me know! I guess I will change my settings to edit posts first. Sigh...
But, yes Robin I think we are all spoiled, aren't we? Mostly in a good way (that's what I'd like to think). And I try to be as 'green' as possible whenever possible.

Jaime said...

When you open your comments box, there should be a little garbage can icon at the bottom of each comment that you can use to delete them.
I don't have comment moderation enabled, and I can delete messages.It must be in your settings somewhere.

Hope that helps!



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