Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Honolii Park

These images are from two days ago; it's hard to keep up with myself! My brother in law was kind enough to show my sixteen year old son some of the ropes on surfing. Surfing has been on my son's list of things he wants to learn. He found out how hard it is and how much stamina and especially upper body strength is needed to paddle out to the breaking waves.

We went to Honolii Park which is north of Hilo; perhaps about 15 minutes from my sister's house. It is breathtakingly beautiful along the coastline here.

That's my son out there (I have a telephoto lens on for this shot).

Well, even though he didn't catch any waves, he still looks impressive to me coming out ot the water carrying this surfboard!!

1 comment:

smith kaich jones said...

Me too. The whole thing is impressive. What a beautiful, beautiful place. You won't want to come home!

:) Debi


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