Saturday, June 21, 2008


Observations (noun) The act or faculty of observing. The fact of being observed. The act of noting and recording something, such as a phenomenon, with instruments. The result or record of such notation: a meteorological observation. A comment or remark. An inference or a judgment that is acquired from or based on observing.

Such as noticing how the late afternoon sun lit up this seed it all its glory. Everyone else walked by it without looking down to notice it. I think it warrants attention.
Or, looking up and observing the incredible contrast of that blue, blue sky (no, it REALLY is that color blue and no post production editing was done to saturate or alter the actual color) to the white, white blooms of this tree.
Or, getting in really close to this onion flower about to bloom. All those hundreds of little white flowers within just waiting to burst out. And the amazing quality of the sheath that contains it and the moisture droplets within the casing.
And how the late afternoon sun spoke of another day, another time when this crab went from one lava rock to another as the ocean waves lapped over it. Now, just an exoskeleton about to loose it's vibrant colors as the relentless sun bleaches it with each passing day.
Or, this alien looking bud of the white flowers of Georgia O'Keefe fame (known as the Jimson weed). How many of us who live here in New Mexico where these blooms all over the roadside know that this is what that flower looks like as a bud?
Stepping out onto the lanai of my brother's condo in Hawaii to capture the world that is within a world of his tropical plants. This one is a helconia of some sort and the magic of the afternoon sun
accentuate the contours of this flower.
This poinciana in my dad's yard on Moloka'i demands your attention. But, I also love the contrast of the vibrant green foilage around it. Cool and warm colors complimenting each other.
Observation is what leads me to all of these images. I saw not only the deep purple of this iris, but the fuzzy yellow beard within the bloom, the stripes of white across the petals and the bright green background. The observations lead me to the composition and I do my best to record it.
You can see a lot more if you stop and spend the time to observe...


laurel said...

Beautiful pictures and amen about observations. One of the things I love about photography is trying to truly look at the world around us and see things we wouldn't normally notice or trying to look at it in a different way.

Paula Scott said...

So true what you say about photography! It is the instrument with which I record my observations.

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, I was SO HAPPY to see a new post by you with new photographs! What wonderful stuff. And that little jimson weed is incredible. I will have to come back & look at these some more!

:) Debi

robin bird said...

what a lovely post..the images, your words that capture the thoughts and feelings about what you see. i adore that very first one,"lady bug hugs stem in front of tree trunk" good title eh? i also was glad to see a new post on your blog.

Jaime said...

I love how you notice the little things...the tiny details which make the natural world so rich with wonder.
These are beautiful photographs!
I am now going to hit the back button and enjoy them once again!


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