Tuesday, April 08, 2008

wabi sabi

one could not even begin to attempt to explain adequately the concept behind wabi sabi. that is my disclaimer here even though i am about to offer a bit of explanation (my apologies).
wabi sabi is somewhat of a spiritual perspective or a way of looking at life that the japanese practice.
it is about impermanence. this could offer explanation to those of us who get excited about rusty things and aged metal full of deterioration and patinas all at one time.
it about imperfection. life is imperfect. we are imperfect.
the ability to embrace this imperfection is an art form unto itself.
i know that i have been an apprentice (don't think i can say i'm a disciple yet) of this perspective for quite some time.
i took these images in a house that we were staying at up at angel fire a few weeks ago. i love the aged look of the wood on the sideboard; this commercial attempt at impermanence. very convincing.
the snow up against the window full of debris. the color is off due to how i had the light setting in my camera. makes it feel cold. the mardi gras beads.
all were captivating vignettes for me; they had to be recorded.
there is a really good book written by an englishman, andrew juniper. it's called: wabi sabi the japanese art of impernanence. he did a fantastic job at trying to convey just exactly what wabi sabi is.

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smith kaich jones said...

Paula - Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. I came back here to read more of YOUR stuff & found this post about wabi sabi. YES! I LOVE stuff like this & have an article saved (somewhere!) from a Buddhist magazine about it - my boyfriend thought it described my way of "decorating" perfectly! I am absolutely crazy about knowing that something has been touched by someone, loved by someone, used by someone - the history of a "thing", I think, stays with it. I do that with my artwork also - I always leave mistakes in (perhaps well hidden, but still there) because I feel a piece's history is important to its now-ness. I am SO HAPPY to've found your blog. I will be back lots!

Debi (Smith Kaich Jones)


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