Friday, February 08, 2008

Feb 2008 ATCs

Ah, yes, it is time to post a sampling of the stash of ATCs I've made for our trade tomorrow.
The suggested theme for this month was, "Recycle" and I started working on these off and on since...hmmm...December maybe. In small spurts and bits and pieces. It started off with cutting down cardboard that comes in shirts that you buy to give them their 'shape' and using all the bits of scrap paper that sits on my oh -so- cluttered desktop. It felt good to use those pieces that I've been hanging on to for so long! I keep meaning to clean off all that debri from my workspace area just so that I will have more room to work, but alas! Unfortunately, this project didn't even put a dent in the art debris that has taken up a permanent residence on my desk. Or, so it seems permanent.
As you can see, I got carried away! This is only a fraction of what I made. Like I said, it felt GOOD to use some of those things on my desk (I'm still optimistic that I might clean my desk off someday).
I also recall hearing someone say at last month's trade that since it was close to Valentine's Day, one could also make charms to trade too. I had totally missed the other charm trades in the past, so I didn't want to miss out on this one. Hence, the blue heart at the start; that's my charm to trade. Just hope there's some to trade with!


&rew said...

These are beautiful! Thank you! &rew

laurel said...

It is so past my bedtime but still looking through older posts and I have to say I love, love these and the colors you used.


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