Friday, October 19, 2007

Taos Trip (cont'd.)

I said I would show more of last weekend's trip up to Taos, NM, so here is a second installation of ___? Not sure how many more segments I will post. I still have the general roadside images to show and Arroyo Seco and misc things. Feel free to leave me a comment to encourage or discourage me from showing MORE of that trip!).
This one is of a place that sells door (old ones) and other architectural elements. I love it! The name of the establishment is Dunbar and Dunbar Antiques. I don't know if they sell a lot of doors, but they must sell enough to stay afloat since they have been there for awhile.
Other than the fact that it is a whole bunch of really neat old stuff (how's that for description?), I like the concept of having so many doors in one place. It's like a smorgasbord of portals that you can choose from to travel to other unknown destinations; whether that destination be a place or a time.

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Leau said...

More please, pretty, pretty images!


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