Monday, October 22, 2007

Taos Town

Another round of images from the Taos trip a few weekends ago...these are of the town itself (although not really representational from a tourist's standpoint).
The lighting was perfect that day; overcast and not too sunny. The colors just seemed to pop even in real life!So much color before things die off!
Most of the images are self-explanatory; the one of the clay mask and glass eyeballs (yes, those are real eyeballs that had been worn at some point in time). That was from an antique store called Maison Faurie Antiques in Taos, NM. The proprietor is from France (it seems) and he is a character! We like to stop by that store as it always has the most unusual antiques (including scientific equipment).
I also feel compelled to explain the dead flower image (I'm sure someone out there must be wondering why on earth would I take a picture of dying flowers and post it?). It is a reminder of the fleeting nature of life; that all living things are just here for a moment in time. Vanitas.

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Andrés said...

Love the cottonwood leaves and the crabapple. Hope you're doing great! Andrés


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