Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last of the Taos Trip

Whew! This is it! The fourth and last installment of the images from the recent Taos trip! Aren't you glad?
In order of appearance we have: an old adobe building near Arroyo Seco, the town of Arroyo Seco, the front of one of my favorite pickup trucks (1950 Chevy), aspens in the ski valley, apens from afar, the fish tank, a double exposure of aspens, purple aster, seedpod, 2 crosses on a hill (the space between the hills are shaped like a, a metal sculpture (at the Dirt Floor Gallery in Embudo; Jake Harwell is the artist and you can reach him at:, a church in Espanola, and a beautiful Taos sunset.
So, there you have it! My tour is complete and I'm ready to move on.

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studio lolo said...

You have a wonderful eye for photography! I wouldn't have stumbled here if you hadn't come across my blog...or maybe I would have. In any case, I'm glad I did! I may have to think about getting that camera. I have a Nikon manual 35mm that I adore and I have a digital something-or-other that has /is great for what I need. I do have SLR envy though:)


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