Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IMT: Hats!!

This weeks Inspire Me Thursday prompt is: hats.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love hats and that I wear them year round. This is a hat I made for a chairty tea affair (I think the hat theme was 'outrageous' or something; my etch-a-sketch memory got shook since then).

I made it. I wore it. It's got a garden of flowers in it and some hummingbirds and bees. I had a ton of fun making it. And for the IMT prompt, I decided to tweak it further in PS CS2 (translate to: Photoshop Creative Suite 2). Yah, it's over the top, but that' what I felt like doing!

If you want to look at it more closely, click on the image and you will get a larger version of it.


Patricia J. Mosca said...

Over the top outrageously WONDERFUL!! Oh to see this one in person...FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

kimberley said...

I like the surreal feel of the hat after being photoshopped. But, from what you described, even without the cs2 treatment, the hat was quite something to behold!

Sandy said...

Boah ist gorgeous. Really nice. Excellent work.

Deb G said...

Love it!

Silvia said...

Wow, that's great.

Spontanity said...

Oh Yes, I like your hat:)

Zhenia said...

Now that's a fantastic hat!

Anne-Laure said...

really love the hat!
I'm slowly becoming a hat person, more in the summer to shade myself from the sun, but I love hats and particularly flamboyant ones. I hope that one day I end up becoming someone who'll wear hats all year long, and not feel (or maybe not mind)that I'm getting too much attention from it.

Laura Scarlett said...

Wow love what you did with that image. Great hat.


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