Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I celebrate the mundane!

Granted, there is nothing mundane about a hot air balloon. But, it's going up with this post as these were all taken within a 24 hour period last week. I was out in the yard in the early morning weeding and cleaning up yard debris when I hear the all too familiar gush of hot air balloons directly overhead. It pays to keep your camera charged up and ready to go (I have two batteries for mine so that I can). These balloons travel quickly overhead; but I'm glad I got some good shots in. It is so close that you can hear the conversations of the people in the gondola basket! Did I mention that this this the annual Kodak Balloon Fiesta? Quite a site even for those who have lived here for ages. You just don't get tired of seeing these fabric balloons in the skies.
I am also obsessed with shadows. I actually refrain from posting them as I'm sure not many share that obssession! The patterns they cast are so interesting; sometimes they offer quite an abstract interpretation of the subject matter. It is as though they exemplify the spirit of the subject.
The last image is a detail of the rope on the tire swing in our back yard. It's about light. It's about texture. It's about patterns. For that moment in time when the sun's last rays of the day were cast upon the rope, it held me captivated.
These are all about fleeting moments in time. That's what life is comprised of, these fleeting moments. Many pass us by without our noticing them. But, when you do get into the habit of noticing more and more of these fleeting moments in time, you are more able to connect to that concept of 'living inthe moment'. We say the words so easily, but in practice, it is oh so illusive!

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Leau said...

Nothing mundane about any of these photos! Love the shadows best.


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