Monday, May 28, 2007

Graduation: Hawaiian Style!

This is my neice, Catherine who just graduated from Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu this past Saturday (Sacred Hearts was our arch-rival school for us St. Francis girls). That's my dad with her. Anyway, I just wanted you mainland folks to see how serious we are about our leis! AND, this stack of leis may have been higher as she probably had to remove some so that she could see and breathe! Congratulations, Catherine! Way to go, girl!


Sus said...

Wow, I've never seen so many lei's on a human being!! Congrats to her!

Toni Concepcion said...

hey paula & mark
aloha from san jose !
just googled both of you and here you are ! so good to see you three are doing well and happily in NM.
hope to hear from you soon.
Toni Concepcion
(yes, your ex-roomate in San Diego and fellow musical member)


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