Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shakespeare Sonnet

Sonnet below was written by John Scott for his Humanites class in December '06. My image here of the calla lillies will be part of the Rio Rancho Art Association exhibit at the Albuquerque Little Theatre this month for the Romeo and Juliet play that is running there. The show and sets are being done in black and white, hence all artwork submitted was to be in black and white. Shakespeare Sonnet: Sweet, special, different, always by my side- Never gone for long, a love that returns World to her, same as… world to me, as life- My life, our life. Perfect one for me Beautiful, smart, young, not young minded, but- Young moods, young love, kind….one, that’s all I need. Crazy hearted, fun, perfect one for me. Shining bright like the burning sun, so bright- Love intensity as strong as I am But pride as weak as our hate, so much love Short but sweet, hair glowing bright, loveable. My life, our life. Perfect one for me.


Raine K said...

Love the sonnet and the image. Hope you had a great weekend!

paris parfait said...

That image is remarkable! Well done, you!


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