Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eye Spy...

Ahhhh...if only we posessed the clarity of vision we so deserve! How much do we need? Rhetorical question, I guess. My answer to all-inclusive questions of this nature is that there is no all-inclusive answer! Life seems to be chalk full of uncertainties, approximations,; how do you know that what you are doing right now is the right thing? The thing is, you usually don't. Sometimes in hindsight, you figure out that you were right on the mark. Most often though, that information if far too priveleged for us mere mortals. Hey, I have no idea where I'm going with this rambling thought. Have you ever looked at that series of books for children called, "Eye Spy"? It is a visual puzzle with a list of things to find in a myriad of images. Some objects are relatively easy to find; others take quite a bit of scrutiny. It's easy to give up searching for some of the things. The success needed for the search requires a bit of tenacity. Which, in itself is a powerful form of motivation. It's like having the wind in your sail; you are able to reach your destination with it. So, not that I've connected all the dots in this missive, but the all-inclusive answer is, you need as much as you have.


Sus said...

Of course there's always the issue of do we really want to have more clarity. I mean that on some level would more clarity really aid us or hinder us?

Just something I have to ask myself all the time cause I tend to want a road map of life, something to tell me "turn here!" *lol*

paris parfait said...

Sometimes it's better to be a little near-sighted, I think! If we see too much, it can be scary - especially if we aren't in the position we want to be in at the moment. I think clarity of vision is important - our own vision - not someone else's vision of our life and the way we should be living it. And now that I've probably thoroughly confused you with this comment, will go read another post. :)


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