Monday, December 04, 2006

Sneak Preview

Sneak preview of my ATC's for the exchange this Saturday here in Albuquerque (do a Yahoo search for our group). There were two themes to work with; "ornaments/ornamentation" and "toys". Lots of possibilities for both! I made about 23 of these and each one is different. Unfortunatley, I won't be there for the exchange and comraderie; my dear, sweet uncle passed away on Molokai, so I will be flying home for his funeral. It's so eerie; out of the eight siblings, there are now only two left; my dad nad his younger sister. It's a long journey home for a sad occasion, but I will get to see my dad and many other family membes. It'll be nice to see how he does up his yard too with all the lights. Aloha mai...

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