Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reality...what is it good for?

"Everytime I close the door on reality, it enters through the window." (author unknown) Good quote and so apropo! Wish I knew who to credit that with. I would also like to thank them. Our theme for the November ATCs is quotes. This is one of the designs I came up with. It is encaustic art along with an art image from some publication and a cutout stencil window. What's encaustic, you say? Sounds a bit toxic, doesn't it? Really, it's painting with wax that is pigmented. The technique goes back to at least 600 AD. It all sounds pretty fancy and you can get wax for encaustic painting at art supply stores (Daniel Smith) that has a very high quality pigment. However, in this case when I did the wax work, all I had was a humble box of Crayola crayons! It does the job. It's great to work with what you happen to have on hand; running out to buy something often takes away that moment of spontaneity and the energy that goes with it. There is much to be said about spontaneity; when we let ourselves have spontaneuos moments, that inner voice that is constantly judging and eroding at our confidence is silenced. And in that moment of being spontaneuos, do we not often feel rapturous joy? Sometimes all too fleeting, but most certainly there. We forget that we are at the driver's wheel and we seem to avoid taking the turn down that road of spontaneity. I say, take those turns more often and relish that moment of pure bliss and joy!


joyce said...

I must say your blog page is unique and well-thought out. I visit from time to time, but only read ONE section: I save the others for another time. Today I read this reality one and found it interesting. The art work fits it perfectly.
How much time do you spend updating this site?

AluapPaula said...

How often I update is most definitely dependent on my hectic schedule! I try to publish at least once a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. Right now, I am off from work and school and my son is at a friends house snow-bound by the weather here in NM.
I have on-going art projects all the time. All of my art is generated for my own muse. The one that you are commenting on is artwork done for an ATC swap here in the Albuquerque area. The theme that we had for this swap was "quotes". I nearly always have some sort of philisophical thought about the images I generate.

I just finfshed writing a much procrastinated "artist statement" and your comment has made me think that I should add it to my profile on my blog.

Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog!


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