Saturday, November 18, 2006

Greek Goddess

About ten years ago I discovered carving my own stamps. In the world of printmaking, it really is doing the same thing that is known as linoleum cuts. I hand carved numerous sheets of 'rubber' into my own set of stamps. This one was done ten years ago; I remember being sick in bed with bronchitis (I used to come down with that a lot) and carving stamps kept my mind occupied while getting bed rest at the same time. This one was stamped and hand colored with pencil and oil pastel. Now that I look at it a decade later, I see how far I've come. The whole rendition of the image is akward and I think she belongs in the right corner of the frame, not the left. The background blending and transitions should be 'seamless' and not heavy-handed like it is here. All in all, though, it's ok. The process of critiquing is so valuable; whether it is of your work or of yourself. One should always relfect on what one can learn from an experience (be it negative or positive), and allow yourself to view your work with a sense of objectivity and to accept feedback from others. However, I would like to make a distinction that the process of critiquing is NOT the same as listening to your inner critic. Two different things, I say. Always learn from the expericence and make it a point to walk away with something positive. That was another one of my mother's "momisms". Lucky be a benficiary of her legacy!

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