Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Being a philosopher at heart, I spend a lot of time reflecting on things. In this process, I try to reflect from different perspectives. If it's someone I don't understand, I try to leave my frame of reference behind and try to look at the world from their eyes. Not an easy task. But, over time, I find that what I end up with as a result of the effort is the ability to understand that person or situation a little bit better. Of course, I could be totally off the mark with what I come up with. However, I still benefit from expanding my horizons and seeing things from another perspective. More importantly, it is a tool that helps to make me a more compassionate person. These images represent different ways in which reflecting can be done. Although they are concrete images, they represent abstractions. Sort of like that proverb about the blind men and the elephant. Each one is feeling a different part of the animal and describing what they feel. It's the same animal that they are feeling, but each one has a different perspective and sees the elephant in a different way.

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