Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jimson Weed

Georgia O'Keefe must've loved this plant; she painted it quite a bit and it seems to be her 'signature' piece. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. I hadn't seen Georgia's painting when I first saw this plant. I thought it stunning and humble at the same time. People call it a weed, though. Jimson weed. I'm guessing that it's called a weed since it crops up on its own. Along the roadside. Empty lots. Sometimes your yard (if you're lucky). I've taken photos of this plant many times. Have never been happy with them since I seem to catch it too late in the season and they are at the tail end of their blooming/life cycle. I spotted this specimen a month ago, growing vigorously along the roadside by the Kia car dealer on the Westside. Too early to take photos, so I made a mental note to myself to come back in a few weeks with my camera. And, that's what I did yesterday morning. I had my camera with me. I was heading off across town to go to my ballet class. All of a sudden, I decided that I really should be taking pictures; all the weeds were doing so well due to a highly wet monsoon season. Yeah, I ditched class. Again. The Jimson plant that I took note of previously was in rare form. I took over 20 shots of this one plant alone. I must've looked pretty odd along the sidewalk by the car dealer with my camera in hand. But, what a payload! It made up for all the previous unsuccessful attempts. As you can see, the flower looks a bit exotic and alien at the same time. This image is altered a wee bit in Photoshop CS2, but it really has those curly-qs on the end! I didn't know... I also have a photo essay of the other weeds that I took yesterday morning at: www.flickr.com/photos/molokaigirl I took a lot of images; these are the ones that I culled from the batch. So, we call them weeds. But, on the other hand, why should they be so undesireable? They are lovely in their own right and certainly have their place in this world.

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